Currently the company «Aileron» has the following technological capabilities:

  • manufacture of fiberglass and carbon fiber;
    Structural elements of vehicle bodies and components for construction.
  • manufacturing by method of vacuum forming thermoplastic plastic sheets;
    These are the elements of vehicles interior, panelling elements and the outer elements of tractors, bumpers for buses.
  • manufacture of polyurethane foam;
    This is the gage panel of vehicles, decorative furniture elements, rear-view mirrors frames for buses, car spoilers.
  • injection molding of plastics under pressure;
    This plastic components supplied to automobile manufacturers. We use injection molding machines (TPA) of firm ENGEL (Austria) with robots to remove the product after molding. All TPA are equipped with magnetic plates, which allows rapid molds change.
  • Extusion of sheet plastics;
    ypes, characteristics of stamping is possible to look on page «Characteristic of sheet plastic».
  • 3D modeling, reverse engineering, prototyping;
  • Tooling production for fibreglass manufacture, vacuum forming products, products from polyurethane foam, products of injection molding.