Policy in the sphere of quality

The Company's main objective is to meet the needs of the consumers, constantly defining their reqirements and expecasions and also estimate the degree of their satisfaction.

Aileron company is the company which manufactures goods from modern plastics.

We aspire to take leading stands on the Russian market in the field of technology and manufacture of goods from modern plastics satisfying requirements of the growing automotive and commercial vehicle market.

We undertake:

  • to rise production efficiency of plastics at the expence of increasing the productivity of the quality managment system, minimization of internal cost and losses;
  • to provide observance of the requirements, applicable to the activity of Aileron company of the legislations regarding quality of the goods;
  • to provide quality of the goods to consumer requirements.

To achieve this goal we use the following principles:

  • Constant orientation to the consumer;
  • Continuous search and realization of the possibilities of made production improvment;
  • Выделение ресурсов для обеспечения качества продукции;
  • Соблюдение требований международных стандартов ISO 9001/TS16949.
  • Responsibility for the Policy realization and fulfillment of the consumers' requirements incurs Company top management.