About our company

«Aileron» company is located in the industrial zone of Kolpino area, St. Petersburg. The company has begun its history in 1995 and soon became the largest manufacturer of car tuning in Russia.
Our main value is a team of highly
of highly qualified specialists
who are capable to achieve
best results in solving
complex problems at the intersection
of different technologies.
Among our partners Scania, GM, B/S/H, Magna, Johnson Controls, Severstal, k&p.

At the beginning of the activity our company managed to become one of the leaders in manufacture of automobile tuning. Currently, more than 70% car spoilers which are sold in Russia are produced by our company. Over six years we have delivered on the conveyor «AvtoVAZ» luggage spoilers for VAZ 2110, 2115, 2114, 2112.

Qualitative growth of our company took place in collaboration with the buses producing factory «Scania Peter». We organize the release of the outside desk elements of fiberglass and inner linner elements of ABS+PC
In 2004 in cooperation with Finish partners we organized the release of gage panels for tractor cabs of polyurethane foam with a finish of PVC film. Our dashboards are not inferior to the dashboards' quality one of the world leaders in tructor construction — factory VALTRA (Finland).

With the range of different technologies we have the ability of rapid development and introduction into production interior and exterior details of vehicles using the optimal technology for each element.

Currently, in cooperation with the company k&p we produce plastic products for eight models of tractors. The underground trains inner linner of new generation is produced in cooperation with the company Skoda.

Since 2006, we' ve been supplying plastic components to the factory Scania Slupk (Poland), buses producer.
Injection molding products in cooperation with Magna are delivered to the Russian factories such as Ford and Volkswagen.

In order to diversify production we organize the release of consumer goods: car mats, fishing boxes, sledge, cold boxes, etc.